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Small and Midsize Companies

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We'll Bring a Fresh Perspective and Be Your Second Pair of Eyes 

Mayle Buettner & Associates are offering fractional consulting services to the small and mid-market business owners who only need part-time, value-adding professionals to engage with the leadership te​am. In today’s business market, it takes a community of professionals and expertise to sustain a company’s long-term success and continued growth, which can be costly for small and even mid​-size companies to employ for all positions. The solution is the hiring of fractional consultants who engage with the leadership team to bring fresh perspectives and solutions to potential risks.

Many times, seeking professional expertise at the initial stage of negative cash flow or identifying a potential risk that could lead to a litigation issue for the owner could have quick and efficient results in continued operations of the company. Hope does not spring eternal. As the past cycles have shown, the market doesn’t always quickly turnaround and business returns to the prior peak season. It takes proactive actions to correct a company’s position when things start to turn south. Fractional consulting will allow business owners to pay only for that expertise and perspective for as long as it may be needed, whether it is four ho​urs per week or per month.

Additionally, Mayle Buettner has a network of referral professionals who can help where a specific expertise is needed on a very interim basis. We only refer like-minded professionals who we know have the same mission: excellent client care, finding the best solutions to eliminate or reduce inefficiencies, maintaining compliance, operating with traditional business values and ethics that sustain business operations and expansion, and reasonable and cost-effective rates in today’s professional market.

Please review the bios of Kathy Mayle and Joy Buettner, and let us know if our talent can be of help to your company. We strive to help clients explore the opportunities that will lead to their business’ development and growth. We work to identify the risks, causes of profit loss, inefficiencies and development of marketing strategies.